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The Syndrome Affecting Over 80% of Americans

Do you often feel overwhelmed and stressed by your daily life?

Do you feel tired and run down during the day but have trouble sleeping at night?

Are you anxious but don’t know why?

Do you struggle with unexplained weight gain or have trouble losing weight?

Have you been diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, or thyroid disease?

If any of these situations sound familiar, you may very well be suffering from an underlying syndrome called adrenal fatigue!


Believe it or not, the number one cause of adrenal fatigue is stress—the very same stress you experience in your everyday life. And it affects over 80% of the U.S. population! The good news? It can be reversed—and so can the most troublesome symptoms it causes.

Turn Your Health Around

Based on the bestselling book Total Health Turnaround, with over 60,000 copies sold, The Total Health Turnaround Program will get you back on the path to health in just 30 days! By focusing on restoring your adrenal health and overcoming adrenal fatigue, The Total Health Turnaround Program also targets your biggest health concerns, such as:

Weight gain


High blood sugar

Hormone imbalances

Thyroid conditions



High blood pressure

and/or cholesterol

Digestive troubles, such as IBS

Low immunity

Hair loss

And so much more!

Why continue to feel anything less than amazing? With The Total Health Turnaround Program, naturopathic physician Dr. Tricia Pingel breaks down the barriers between your symptoms and the root cause—adrenal fatigue.


You’ll learn why you’ve been feeling the way you do and get a revolutionary, easy-to-follow 30-day plan to help you begin to reverse the very symptoms that have been holding you back from living your fullest life!

How Adrenal Fatigue Makes You Sick

By now you must be wondering, “What, exactly, is adrenal fatigue? And why is it so common?”

Adrenal fatigue is a collection of signs and symptoms (also known as a syndrome) that develop when your adrenal glands (two walnut-shaped glands that sit on top of your kidneys) aren’t doing a proper job managing your hormones in response to chronic stress you experience.


When your adrenal glands become fatigued, you begin to experience all the symptoms listed above. Believe it or not, adrenal fatigue causes all of these symptoms for one major, yet little-known, reason: Your adrenal glands control your entire body!


Think of your adrenal glands as your body’s control center. Their function impacts almost every single one of your organs. Because they manage your hormones, that means they also regulate digestion, cardiovascular health, neurological balance, inflammatory response, sleep-wake cycles, sex hormone production, electrolyte balance, and blood sugar usage. But that’s not all they do.


Your adrenal glands are also responsible for one critical function: They provide the energy you need to adapt and respond quickly to short-term bouts of stress. But when your body has been exposed to chronic stress, it will an impact your entire body—resulting in worsening symptoms and even disease.


Dr. Tricia Pingel

Hi, I’m Dr. Tricia Pingel, a naturopathic physician, and I’m an expert in adrenal fatigue.


I’ve spent much of my life dealing with adrenal fatigue. In the past, when my stress became too much, I would just take a step back and allow my body to heal by following an adrenal-supporting four-pronged approach to healing—eating the right foods, staying active, supple­menting the nutrients depleted by adrenal fatigue, and practicing calm­ing and restorative mind-body techniques. Whenever I did this, I was asymptomatic and felt amazing.


But, sometimes, life happens. A few years ago, I lost my mother to a long battle with cancer. And I’ve since learned that your body will not ignore the stress and grief it has endured. I also learned that, eventually, even the healthiest body will alarm you with symptoms. After watching my mother slip away for almost a year, by the time she passed, I was far too thin, my hair was falling out, my skin was dry, my mood was indifferent, and my focus was low. I realized I was suffering from a serious bout of adrenal fatigue, and that I had to make a change to reclaim my health—right then!


I’m happy to say that by returning to my four-pronged approach to healing, I began to feel like my old self again. I now make it a point to keep my body nourished, active, supported, and calm. And guess what? I’m able live life to the fullest, share in happy moments with my husband and two amazing sons, experience gratitude for even the smallest gifts, and simply enjoy life again. What a glorious feeling—all by prioritizing my health and supporting my adrenal health!


I’ve experienced such an amazing change that I wanted to share this same protocol with my patients as well! And they saw amazing results, too!

What People are Saying …

Meet Erin!

“I had taken thyroid medicine since I was 16, and I had been on antidepressants for 14 years. [With this program,] I went off one medication right away, and I’m now off Prozac, too. Now I wake up in the morning and I’m not tired at all. I’ve lost 65 pounds and feel like a different person. The plan was so easy—and quick! I was skeptical at first, but this plan changed my life in a mere month or two. Dr. Pingel’s program saved my life!”

—Erin, age 40


“I’ve lost 65 pounds, and now I’m thinking I can do anything I need to do. Dr. Pingel’s approach supports the whole person, not just a symptom. The change I’ve experienced is momentous—life-changing! I have my life back.”

—Jessica, age 50

Everything You Need to Take

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The Total Health Turnaround Program will walk you through every single part of overcoming adrenal fatigue by providing everything you need to feel like yourself again, including:

  • The Total Health Turnaround Program Guide

  • The Total Health Turnaround Cookbook

  • The Total Health Turnaround Journal

  • Video lessons featuring education and advice from Dr. Pingel

  • Membership to a private community to provide support and motivation

  • Daily tips to help keep you on track and on the path to health

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Still wondering if The Total Health Turnaround Program is right for you?

Check out these Frequently Asked Questions:


Will this program will work for me?

Dr. Tricia Pingel designed The Total Health Turnaround Program to be customizable for many different symptoms and health concerns. The key is to really commit to this 30-day program—and your health! That help you do that, you’ll receive access to a private community featuring people just like you who are transforming their health at the same time! And Dr. Pingel will be active in the group as well to help guide you.


How will I receive the program material?

All of the program content is digital. So, a few days before the program kicks off, you’ll receive an email with all of your digital files and information on how to access the private support group.


What if I can’t start the program immediately?

Even if you can’t start the program right away, you should still consider signing up now. You’ll receive lifetime access to all of the information as well as the support group, so even though the group will be interacting in real time, you can go back and use those tools whenever you’re ready. This special pricing won’t last long, and it won’t be available at this price again, so don’t wait.

What makes this program unique?

Balancing your adrenal hormones is the real key to some of your most pressing health concerns. Do you want to: 

  • Burn belly fat?

  • Lower your cholesterol or blood pressure?

  • Boost your energy?

  • Reverse diabetes and other chronic diseases?

Well, Dr. Tricia Pingel has built a unique program around the foods and herbs proven balance your adrenal hormones and reverse adrenal fatigue! It's a true 360-degree approach that accounts for different lifestyle factors, making it completely customizable to your individual needs.

Are you ready to change your life?